Loose Nails

Loose Nails

Loose Nails

Different sizes available..please Contact us if there is a particular size you would like a quote for.

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25kg Box  Galvanised Round Wire Loose Nails - 30mm x 2.36. Other sizes available. Contact us for prices.

£48.82 *
Delivery weight: 25 kg

25kg Sheradised Annular Ring Loose Nails - 50mm. Corrosion resistant nails. Use where very strong joints are required.

£68.26 *
Delivery weight: 25 kg

1.6 x 25mm Solid Brass Panel Pins. 500g bag. Non corrosive. Can be used for a number of craft use and manufacturing.

£24.01 *
Delivery weight: 0.6 kg

In stock

1kg Bag of 1.6 x 40mm Stainlesss Steel Panel Pins. Suitable for use in Oak and Cedar. Ideal for lightweight decorative applications.

£18.62 *
Delivery weight: 1.1 kg

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