Plastic Collated

Plastic Collated

FAP Nails suitable to fit Max CN650 & CN565S Hardened Coil Nailers & S/Steel Nails for Max CN452S


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FAP 2.5 x 45mm Galvanised Screw Shank, Chisel point Hardened Nails (6,000). Fit: Max CN650 & CN565S

£54.00 *
Delivery weight: 12 kg

FAP Nails for use in Max CN650 & CN565S Hardened Coil Nailers, Concrete Nail gun Nails. 45mm length, Diamond point...great price!!

£54.00 *
Delivery weight: 15 kg

15 Degree 45mm Stainless Steel Coil Nails, plastic collated, suitable to fit Max CN452S Pneumatic Coil Air Nailer

£136.08 *
Delivery weight: 25 kg

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