80/84 Series

80/84 Series

80/84 Series


80 Series Staples, Crown: 12.8mm

To Fit Bostitch: 21680-EXP, 21680B-A-E, 21680B-ALM-E, 21680B-E, 21680B-LN-E, TU-216-80-E, TU216-80A-E, TU-216-80ALM-E, TU-216-80LM-E, TU-216-80LN-E


84 Series Staples, Crown: 12.3mm

To Fit Bostitch: 21684B-E, ML10SIC-84/16, TU-216-84-E



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Tacwise code 0381. 80 Series Staples, available in lengths 6-14mm. Fit  Bostitch 21680, TU-216-80.

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Delivery weight: 1.5 kg

84 Series 12.3mm Crown 6mm Staples suitable to fit Bostitch 21684B-E, TU-216-84-E & ML10SIC-84/16.

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Delivery weight: 1.1 kg

12.8mm crown Stainless Steel staples to fit Bostitch TU-216-80, 21680B & Tacwise A8016V plus many other 80 series staplers.

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Delivery weight: 1.8 kg

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